Hot Topic Launches a Retro Disney Fashion Collection


Last month, Hot Topic launched a fashion collection that celebrated the 70th anniversary of Disney's Cinderella - and it included a gorgeous could shoulder dress that's fit for a princess. Now they're following it up with a Retro Disney collection from Her Universe that features some serious '50s vibes. If you're looking for something fun to wear to the Parks (especially Dapper Day events), this would definitely fit the bill.

Our favorite piece in the collection is the Belle dress inspired by Beauty and the Beast, but the Aristocrats dress, and the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs button up and skirt combo are pretty fantastic as well. Most of the items are available to order here at Hot Topic (online exclusives) in standard and plus sizes, though the Belle dress wasn't available at the time of writing. That could change at any moment, so keep tabs on that link to grab one in your size.


While you wait, you might want to check out some of the awesome swimwear Hot Topic launched for the summer. We're especially fond of the Harry Potter Hogwarts collection, but there are also plenty of Disney styles to choose from. The Little Mermaid seashell and Ursula outfits pictured above are among our favorites in that group, and we're also loving The Nightmare Before Christmas styles - especially the Sally version.

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