New Mattel Baby Yoda Plush is Adorable, Squishable, and Super Affordable


At this point you have numerous options when it comes to Star Wars: The Mandalorian Baby Yoda (aka The Child) plush toys. Mattel is adding one more to the list, but it stands out for several reasons. First and foremost, it's the most affordable Baby Yoda plush yet at only $12.99. It also gives you a lot of bang for your buck in terms of cuteness.

Based on the image above, which was released by Disney during Toy Fair this past February, this little 8-inch Baby Yoda plush is going to be adorable. Unlike many of the other Baby Yoda plush, it's also 100% soft and squishable. Of all the Baby Yoda plush toys released this far, this one seems like the go-to huggable version that kids can take anywhere.

If you're interested in reserving Mattel's The Child Basic 8-Inch Plush, the first place that you can pre-order one is here at Entertainment Earth with shipping slated for September. Given the price and squishability, this Baby Yoda plush might be more popular than most, so lock one down while you can.

If we're honest, this little Baby Yoda plush is actually a bit cuter than a similar version released by Disney and the one that Build-A-Bear has in the works - and both are going to set you back at least twice as much.


If you want to check out more of your Baby Yoda plush/figure options, you can find them here. Note that the list does not include Mattel's vinyl head Baby Yoda plush that was unveiled back in December. That version has been sold out in pre-order for months.

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