Monster Christmas Ornaments Keep Halloween Rolling


These days, the second Halloween ends is when the Christmas season begins. However, there is some good news for those who consider Halloween to be their favorite holiday. You can keep the fun rolling through the new year thanks to Archie McPhee, who recently launched an ornament set based on classic monsters.

The 3-piece collection of 3-1/2″ hand-blown glass ornaments includes Frankenstein, Dracula, and Werewolf-themed designs. you can grab them here on Amazon for $29.95 while they last. From the official description:

"Once a year, monsters stop lurking in the shadows and step out to warm themselves by the yule log and sing a few rounds of Christmas carols. Of course, like Santa Claus, monsters see you while you're sleeping, but unlike him, they don't care if you've been bad or good; they'll haunt anybody! This set of three 3-1/2" hand-blown glass monster-themed ornaments is a shiny, round fancy Frankenstein's monster, a wow-inducing werewolf and a vibrant vampire. Guaranteed to give your Christmas tree the ambiance of a Transylvanian castle."


Note that Archie McPhee also rolled out real-life monster Tardigrade (Amazon) and Blobfish ornaments (Amazon) this year if you want to make your Christmas tree extra terrifying:

Blobfish: "Of all the decorations on your tree, this one will be the blobbiest. It's a 4-1/2" hand-blown glass ornament in the shape of a puffy, glittery blobfish. The blobfish has been called the world's ugliest animal, but we think he's way cuter than Blitzen (the most overrated reindeer). Includes string for hanging or can sit on its own."


Tardigrade (Water Bear): "We like to imagine that somewhere there's a little tiny Santa Claus in a teenie-tiny sleigh being pulled by eight microscopic water bears. That's what inspired this 4-1/2" hand-blown glass ornament. It's WAY bigger than an actual water bear, but it's just as cute. Also, this moss piglet is covered in glitter because glitter makes it feel pretty. Includes string for hanging or can sit on its own."

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