MrMiSocki Delivers Fun, Comfortable Fit With a Story to Tell

The line of socks from MrMiSocki is a fun, well-fitting, adventure into comics and creativity.The [...]


The line of socks from MrMiSocki is a fun, well-fitting, adventure into comics and creativity.

The comic-inspired, mismatched sock line is based on the idea that a sock wakes up in the dryer only to learn that he has lost his other half. The journey for him to find his way back to where he belongs winds through an adventure in a land of other, solo socks, where each uniquely designed sock becomes a character within the story.

The first edition gives an origin story, introducing the main players -- and the first batch of socks you can purchase -- Mr. Mi and his obviously named match, Socki; Hosen Hose; Julia Pedulia; Dewey Dax and the Crewneck Crew were part of the introductory laundromat experience.

Buyers and fans are then introduced in the second edition to members of the criminal underground -- including Don Sockoni, the incarcerated Sockoni Family, Jimmy-Threadless, Tony TwoToes, and Winston.

As a subscriber to the product, Volume 2 Part II was just delivered, reuniting Socki and Winston at the laundromat and concludes (no spoilers) with a massive change of scenery as the pair head to a new location via airplane, setting up a bunch of opportunity at new characters in future installments.

The Volume 1 box comes with four solo, mismatched socks, as well as the comic for that volume. Volume 2 is being released in multiple parts and comes bagged with two solo socks, and the comic for that installment.

As listed on the website for the brand, it went out of its way to produce a comfortable product -- which it totally succeeded in doing -- but socks that are funky enough to show off to other people who are members of the growing niche of fashionable sock hounds.

The concept of mismatched socks may be slightly oversold on this product because each stays uniquely tied to a similar color pallet, making a wearer able to rock socks of different volumes without a clash of styles.

MrMiSocki features a largely pink, yellow, blue and purple scheme that can be unisex, and there are enough swirls, flowers, and other intricacies to keep the consumer happy and excited for that next box, while also allowing them to feel comfortable wearing the socks with any outfit.

For more information on MrMiSocki, its comic and product line, visit the website

MrMiSocki provided with the first two editions of its comic and sock line to facilitate this review.