Nerf Mega XL Blasters Launch With The Biggest Darts Ever


Nerf's new Mega XL line is all about big blasters that fire big darts. In fact, the Mega XL Dart is twice the size of Mega Darts. The first wave of blasters from the series - Boomdozer, Big Rig, and Doublecrusher, are no secret at this point thanks to leaks, but if you were wondering when they would be available to pre-order, we have your answer. Today is the day.

The Nerf Mega XL Boomdozer Blaster ($42.99) features a 6-dart rotating drum with pump action and a removable shoulder stock attachment while the the Mega XL Doublecrusher features a dual barrel pump action shotgun design. The Mega XL Big Rig ($21.99) is a single shot blaster with onboard storage for two additional rounds. The Mega XL Darts are available in a ten pack priced at $9.99. Like the Mega Darts before them, the rounds whistle through the air when fired.

Pre-orders for the Mega XL Boomdozer blaster, Big Rig Blaster, and the 10 Mega XL Dart refill should be available starting today here at Entertainment Earth, here at Walmart, and here on Amazon. Details on availability of The Doublecrusher weren't available at the time of writing. This post will be updated when pre-orders launch - stay tuned. 

Of course, many Nerf fans will be irritated by the introduction of yet another dart type, but the Mega XL series does look like a fun addition to a Nerf arsenal when you need to crank up the firepower.


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