New Frozen 2 Funko Pops Are Big on Bruni and Nokk


Funko is back with three new Pop figures in the Disney Frozen 2 lineup, and fans of that cute little salamander Bruni will be especially pleased. There's a standalone Bruni Pop figure, and Pop figure of Bruni perched on Olaf's head. Rounding out the list is a Pop Ride figure of Elsa riding the magical water horse Nokk.

All three of the new Frozen 2 Pop figures are available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth with shipping slated for May. If you missed out on some of the previous releases in the Frozen 2 Funko lineup, head on over to Walmart because many of them are massively discounted at the moment.

In other Frozen 2 news, the film will be available for digital purchase on February 11th, and on Blu-ray two weeks later on February 25th. Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray, and a 4K limited edition Blu-ray with exclusive extras are available to pre-order here at Walmart. Pre-orders are also live here at Best Buy with an exclusive Steelbook option.

Disney recently released the full list of special features for the Frozen 2 Blu-rays, and it will include several deleted scenes and songs that didn't make it into the theatrical cut of Frozen 2. There will also be multiple behind-the-scenes featurettes. A full list of features can be found below.

  • Sing-Along Version of the Movie – Sing along with your favorite songs as you watch the movie.
  • Song Selection – Jump to your favorite musical moments, with on-screen lyrics. Songs include Oscar®-nominated "Into The Unknown," "All Is Found," "Some Things Never Change," "When I Am Older," "Lost in the Woods,"; "Show Yourself," and "The Next Right Thing"
  • Outtakes – Laugh along with the cast of Frozen 2 as they record their lines, sing their songs and have fun in the recording booth.
  • Deleted Scenes – Check out a few scenes that never made the final cut.
    • Intro - Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck offer a glimpse into their filmmaking process with scenes that didn't make the final cut.
    • Prologue - A battle rages between Arendelle and the Northuldra while a mysterious figure challenges King Agnarr.
    • Secret Room - A secret room reveals even more of Anna and Elsa's past, including a shocking revelation about their mother.
    • Elsa's Dream - Anna's playful glimpse into Elsa's dream takes a dark turn.
    • Hard Nokks - Kristoff reveals his true feelings about life in Arendelle when the Nokk won't take no for an answer.
    • A Place of Our Own - Elsa uses her magic to relieve Anna's lingering doubts about their parents' faith in her.
  • Deleted Songs – When it comes to Frozen 2, there can never be too much music. Hear some of the songs that got cut from the final film.
    • Intro - Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck revel in the chance to share a few songs that didn't make it into the final film.
    • "Home" - Anna savors every moment as she wanders through this kingdom she calls home.
    • "I Wanna Get This Right" - Kristoff wants everything to be perfect before he proposes, leaving Anna to wonder, "Will it ever be just right?"
  • The Spirits of Frozen 2 – Cast and crew explore the Scandinavian and Nordic mythology that inspired the spirits inhabiting the enchanted forest of Frozen 2.
  • Did You Know??? – Olaf asks us the question "Did You Know" as we discover Frozen 2 fun facts, Easter eggs and tidbits about the making of the film.
  • Scoring a Sequel – Composer Christophe Beck combines a 91-piece orchestra with 30 choral voices to create the compelling score for Frozen 2.
  • Gale Tests - They say you can't see the wind. Only its effects. Filmmakers give it a shot while creating the playful wind spirit, Gale.
    • Gale Test - A young girl and boy play tag in this fully animated effort to "give personality to something that's invisible."
    • Hand-Drawn Gale Test - A hand-drawn test to bring the precocious wind spirit to life.
  • Multi-Language Reel
    • "Into the Unknown" in 29 Languages - Hear Elsa's soaring call to adventure in 29 different languages
  • Music Videos - Weezer and Panic! at the Disco lend their voices to a few of the soaring melodies from Frozen 2.
    • Into the Unkown" (Panic! at the Disco version) - Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie stars in their version of "Into The Unknown" from Frozen 2.
    • "Lost in the Woods" (Weezer version) - Weezer puts their spin on Kristoff's epic ballad, "Lost In the Woods."

There are also two special features that will be included exclusively on the digital release of Frozen 2, a featurette about the songwriters of the Frozen franchise and an animatic version of Olaf's "Unmeltable Me" song.

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