Pixar's Toy Story 25th Anniversary Alien Remix Funko Pops Get a Second Wave


Pixar's groundbreaking film Toy Story hit theaters 25 years ago this November, and they teamed up with Funko on a line of Alien Remix Pop figures to celebrate. The Pops feature Pizza Planet aliens dressed up as popular characters from various Disney / Pixar films. The first wave was released back in June, and wave 2 has just dropped with a whole bunch of new looks from Wall-E, Cars, The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc. and more.

As with the previous Alien Remix wave, Funko didn't officially announce the new figures before pre-orders went live. You can reserve them now via the links below. The Wall-E Pops will likely be quick sellers as will the 10-inch Alien as Sully, so go after those first. Then again, the entire lineup is pretty great. UPDATE: Funko finally got around to officially announcing this wave nearly two weeks after the first Pops became available. However, several exclusives have been added. Details below.


The exclusives pictured above will be available here at Hot Topic, here at Box Lunch, here at Target, and here at FYE in the coming days.


Previous releases in the Alien Remix Funko Pop lineup can be ordered here at Entertainment Earth and here on Amazon. The new Remix Pops were not live on Amazon at the time of writing, but they should be available there at some point in the coming days. UPDATE: The standard Pops in Wave 2 are now available on Amazon.

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