This 1/6 Scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Will Probably Cost More Than Your First Car

Blitzway has given collectors a sneak peek at their 1/6 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle ahead of its official debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. This beauty will serve as a companion to the spectacular series of original Ghostbusters 1/6 scale figures that they debuted last year. After a long delay, those figures are almost ready to ship, though getting your hands on them is becoming increasingly difficult. The three and five-packs with bonus Slimer figure have sold out everywhere (except eBay of course), though you can still get the individual figures at places like BBTS and Amazon.

(Photo: Blitzway)

If you do manage to get the Ghostbusters figures, and your bank account isn’t empty, this Ecto-1 looks like it would be a dream addition to your collection. Based on the video posted to Blitzway’s Facebook page (via Toyark), the vehicle will feature multiple lights and working doors - though we don’t know whether or not it will feature sounds as well. It should.

There isn’t any word on the price at this point, but we would expect that many non-collectors will scoff at spending so much money on a vehicle that they can’t actually drive. Still, if given the choice, I would have probably bought this over my first car. It would have been more reliable.

As awesome as news is, the fate of the Ghostbusters franchise as a whole is still up in the air. The reboot wasn’t received particularly well, but it doesn’t seem as though the powers that be plan to abandon their attempts to revive the Ghostbusters brand anytime soon. An animated film is said to be in the works, and there has been talk about bringing Ghostbusters both old and new together in a single cinematic universe. Whether any of this actually happens remains to be seen.