'Snowpiercer' Prequel Graphic Novel Arriving This Fall

Thanks to the 2014 film Snowpiercer, audiences were immediately inspired by the sci-fi story which [...]

Thanks to the 2014 film Snowpiercer, audiences were immediately inspired by the sci-fi story which was based on the graphic novel La Transperceneige. Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette's story depicted a scenario in which global governments attempt to control the global warming problem by releasing a chemical agent into the atmosphere, which inadvertently ignites a devastating ice age. Humanity is reduced to the 1,001-passenger train the Snowpiercer, which circles the globe in perpetuity. Rochette will be collaborating with Triggerman author Matz to deliver an all-new prequel graphic novel, Snowpiercer: Extinction. The new graphic novel will be hitting shelves in September, per The Hollywood Reporter. UPDATE: Pre-orders are live on Amazon now.

Details surrounding the prequel graphic novel have yet to be released, so it's unclear the timeframe that the story will explore. Given the dystopic themes and allegories to contemporary society, the new story will surely deliver readers a unique experience.

In addition to this upcoming story, TNT is also developing a Snowpiercer TV series, which serves as a loose adaptation of the original source material. One star of the new series, Aleks Paunovic, teased what audiences can expect from the new series.

"It's different from the movie and the story, but all I can say is, reading the scripts, they're fantastic. It's captivating, and a lot of things happen that you go, 'Oh, man, I never even thought of that,'" the actor confessed to ComicBook.com. "It's definitely very exciting. I can't really get too much into it, but I can definitely say that it's something that keeps you going, for sure. Absolutely."

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The actor also detailed the scope of the series and the skills of the entire cast. In regards to the experience, Paunovic noted, "It's been great. It's a massive ensemble. It's an amazing cast. You know, Jennifer Connelly? Come on. And she's been nothing but a pleasure to work with. An extremely smart actor. And all the creatives behind it, everybody behind the scenes and the actors, again, huge ensemble. So I'm just feeling very grateful that I get to be put in a spot to watch these people act. And having it on a TV series from a film that I thought was fantastic and them asking me to come aboard, no pun intended, to do the show, it's been a blessing."

Stay tuned for details on the Snowpiercer franchise.

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