Friends Is The Latest Iconic Sitcom To Join Fisher-Price's Little People Collector Line

Fisher-Price has added the legendary comedy series Friends to their line of Little People [...]


When Fisher-Price started added iconic NBC television series like The Office, Parks and Rec, and Seinfeld to their lineup of Little People Collector figures (see below), we knew that Friends could turn up at any moment. Well, it just so happens that today, July 18th, is National Monica Day, and Fisher-Price is using it to celebrate one of the most famous Monicas off all-time – Monica Geller – with the official Friends Little People Collector set. Everything you need to know can be found right here. 

Naturally, the Friends set features adorable figures of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe. Fisher-Price is all about the details with their Little People figures, which is why they've offered an official overview of the design for each character below. When you're ready, orders should go up at some point today here on Amazon for $29.99

  • Rachel wasn't always the fashion girl she wanted to be. Before landing her dream job, she was serving coffee and probably getting the order wrong. Rachel's LPC figure features her classic Central Perk apron and iconic haircut, which inspired a whole generation of fans to adopt the look. 
  • Monica is not going to let anyone stand in the way of accomplishing her dreams; she's too competitive for that. Dressed in her crisp clean chef whites, the ultimate neat freak (minus her secret closet) is busy preparing her next gourmet meal. 
  • Phoebe, the infectiously eclectic coffee shop performer, sports a yellow dress with a Christmas ribbon positioned to cover an unfortunate hummus stain – very "political" of her. 
  • Joey, could he be wearing any more clothes? The struggling actor known for his love of sandwiches is layered up in a full closet of Chandler's clothes. You might think twice before stealing all of his underwear. 
  • Chandler Muriel Bing is dressed for his job (as a "transponster"?), holding his pet duck, likely cracking a few well-timed jokes along the way. 
  • Ross learned his lesson that trying new things doesn't always work out. All the paleontologist was trying to do was wear leather pants, but he learned that getting those over his sweaty thighs was a challenge. Baby powder and lotion seemed like the simple solution thanks to Joey – but we think he'll definitely reconsider his choices next time. 
  • The packaging is also loaded with Easter eggs for Friends fans!

Fisher-Price is bringing fans back to Pawnee with Parks and Recreation Little People Collector set! It includes adorable 2.75-inch figures of Leslie Knope in a pantsuit with a waffle, April Ludgate in a floral shirt and green cardigan, Andy Dwyer in a flannel and shoeshine apron combo with a guitar, and Ron Swanson in his red shirt with a cup of coffee (try picturing the actual Ron Swanson in that pose). Plus, the packaging is loaded with Easter eggs for fans of the series. 

The Little People Collector Parks and Rec set are available here on Amazon and here at Entertainment Earth (free US shipping at EE on orders $59+ with the code FREESHIP59 at checkout) for $24.99. 


Seinfeld was recently given the Little People treatment in a collection that includes Jerry Seinfeld holding a microphone, Cosmo Kramer holding a chicken leg from Kenny Rogers Roasters, Elaine Benes, and George Costanza holding a chocolate éclair a la trash. You can order one here at Entertainment Earth  and here on Amazon for $24.99.

Fisher-Price's Little People Collector lineup is designed for adults, and we can definitely see fans of the show enjoying these figures on their desk at work. Plus, they'll take up less space than Funko Pops and LEGO sets

The Friends, Seinfeld and Parks and Rec Little People sets follow a similar set based on The Office which included Michael Scott, Dwight, Jim, and Pam complete with their classic outfits and fun touches like Michael's World's Best Boss mug and a Jim Hearts Pam note. You can order a set here on Amazon for only $18.20 at the time of writing.