Robert Englund "Totally Trusts" What the Wes Craven Estate Decides to Do With A Nightmare on Elm Street

Fans have been waiting a decade for details on any new entry into the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, and with the rights to the series having returned to the estate of franchise creator Wes Craven, Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund has complete faith in whatever direction the estate decides to pursue. Englund last starred as the character in 2003's Freddy vs. Jason, which was followed by a 2010 reboot in which Jackie Earle Haley took over the role. It's currently unclear whether a new film would be another reboot or a sequel within the original franchise, but Englund knows the series is in the right hands.

"Their choice is whether to go with completely original stuff or whether to reboot the franchise for another generation," Englund shared with "That's the decision, I think it all lies now with the Craven estate, all the rights have returned to them. And I know that both Wes' son Jonathan and his daughter [Jessica], they're really smart, talented people and they work in the industry, so I totally trust what they're gonna do. I just know that there are some terrific scripts over the last, let's say 15 years, there's been some really interesting scripts and they're sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. And I just hope that they read all of those, as well as the new ones, because a couple of those old ones were really interesting. There's one or two prequel scripts that are pretty interesting."

Not only is Englund looking forward to whatever the Craven estate pursues with a new film, he sounds genuinely excited about how the advancements in CGI and visual effects would allow audiences to experience the concept in an all-new way.

"Everything gets remade and everybody brings a new interpretation and a new value, sometimes better, sometimes not, but I know they're gonna reboot the franchise," the actor added. "They'd be fools not to, especially with all the new technology and effects they have available now, that we can enhance this nightmare/dreamscape with. The landscape of the mind and the subconscious using stuff that we discovered during Inception or What Dreams May Come, that Robin Williams film. There's so many new kinds of CGI and tricks that we have that would just really enhance the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise."

While we might have long wait ahead of us for a new film in the franchise, fans will start seeing Englund in their homes every week with his new Travel Channel series True Terror with Robert Englund, which premieres March 18th at 10 p.m. ET.


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