Alien 5: New Concept Art From Neill Blomkamp's Unmade Sequel Emerges

After the release of Prometheus, director Neill Blomkamp had been developing a new Alien sequel [...]

After the release of Prometheus, director Neill Blomkamp had been developing a new Alien sequel that 20th Century Fox had even reportedly greenlit, though the director ultimately admitted it was put on indefinite hold in 2017 and has since claimed won't be moving forward anytime soon. Despite the project seemingly being abandoned, artist Geoffroy Thoorens did craft some compelling pieces of concept art for the project, which Blomkamp himself shared on social media. AvP Galaxy recently pointed out that they had uncovered a variety of other concept images for the project on Thoorens' ArtStation page. You can head to the artist's official website to get a better idea of what had been in the works for the sequel.

Full details for the project have yet to be revealed, with Blomkamp offering only various teases of what he hoped to explore in the sequel, as well as the concept art speaking for itself.

Two of the more obvious plot twists are that the concept art features reimagined looks at Hicks and Newt from Aliens, who were confirmed to have died in the opening of Alien 3. This likely means that the new sequel would have retconned the events of that third film, but given the scrapped plans for the finale of 2018's The Predator, we also couldn't rule out the idea of time travel.

alien 5 concept art ripley sigourney weaver
(Photo: Geoffroy Thoorens/Djahal)
alien 5 concept art killson
(Photo: Geoffroy Thoorens/Djahal)

"It was Shane Black who directed me on main unit, along with the DP and the main production crew. The Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden scene involved a number of lines for me that Shane Black directed, showing me coming out of the pod and interacting with the other characters, which can be seen in the leaked BTS photos. That was great because in that moment I really felt that I had become the grown-up version of Newt in this proper sequence," stunt performer Breanna Watkins confirmed with AvP Galaxy. "It was a warning/call to arms, to the 'in charge' characters in the room."

She added, "A whole backstory was explained to me for each of my two endings … however I believe that the franchise owners may still want to have the option to use those backstories so I shouldn't really go into specifics of what I was told, but I can say that time travel, cloning, and genetic enhancement was involved. The backstory did vary depending on which ending they were going to use."

alien 5 concept art ripley sigourney weaver 2
(Photo: Geoffroy Thoorens/Djahal)
alien 5 concept art mercs
(Photo: Geoffroy Thoorens/Djahal)
alien 5 concept art fire area xenomorph
(Photo: Geoffroy Thoorens/Djahal)

Despite those plans never coming to fruition, it sounds like the filmmakers responsible for the Alien and Predator franchises know they aren't limited to androids and xenomorphs and that the sky is the limit for the franchise.

Hulu is currently developing an Alien series.

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