'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Theory Suggests Not All Coven Members Are Witches

American Horror Story: Apocalypse has been keeping fans guessing with all of the twists and turns in the season thus far, but last week Ryan Murphy's horror anthology series may have thrown the biggest curveball at all and we're not talking about the appearance of the Coven season witches or their resurrections of Coco, Dinah, and Mallory.

No, we're talking about Mallory's (Billie Lourd) sudden manifestation of powers as well as how Madison (Emma Roberts) appears to know exactly who she is. While the episode ended without offering any clues (cliffhanger!) that hasn't stopped the theories from flowing, including one that suggests that not all the members of this new coven are witches -- especially Mallory.

While neither Dinah (Adina Porter) or Coco (Leslie Grossman) have been established as witches previously -- though Michael (Cody Fern) did appear to know her and she him -- they also haven't exhibited any powers just yet meaning that they could be simply witches with undeveloped powers. Mallory, however, has a clear tie to the Coven witches and her sudden manifestation of powers was significant enough that it sent Michael into a full-on Satanic ritual to figure out what was going on and what to do next. So, what is Mallory?

One common suggestion is that Mallory herself isn't a witch, but that the spirit of one of the Coven witches is living inside of her. It might explain Mallory's assertion that she feels like there is something inside of her trying to claw its way out. It might also explain Madison's "Surprise, b*tch" if Mallory is harboring the spirit of Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga) or Misty Day (Lily Rabe).

There's also the possibility that Mallory is an angel or something similar, like the fire-connected seraphim who, depending on your ideology, are either the highest of the angels or just really cool divine messengers. If she is something angelic -- up to and including a manifestation of the archangel Michael -- she would be not only powerful, but potentially the key to saving the world from the Anti-Christ Michael

A third theory is that Mallory is an alien, a move that might tie Apocalypse to Asylum as that is the season where it wasn't the angels that were representative of God but aliens. This theory sounds like a stretch, but if you consider Emily (Ash Santos) and Timothy (Kyle Allen) were both chosen for Outpost 3 because of "perfect DNA" it's not too wild to think that the show would make that special DNA alien-related. And it would make for another interesting crossover of the seasons.

Of course, Mallory could just be a really powerful witch, something that can't hurt when you're trying to literally save the world.


What do you think? What is Mallory? Are Coco and Adina also witches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.