American Horror Story: Double Feature "Death Valley" Trailer Teases Alien Threats

The first half of the two-part tenth season of American Horror Story: Double Feature, "Red Tide" ended this week, offering up in true American Horror Story style a grim conclusion to the story of Finn Wittrock's struggling writer and family who soon discovers that the idyllic beach town they've moved to for the winter is full of vampires. Now, the season heads from the sea to the sand - and it appears the past for part of things - with "Death Valley" and the newly-released trailer for this chapter teases an alien invasion and they certainly don't appear to come in peace.

In the teaser trailer, Neal McDonough's Dwight D. Eisenhower confronts an alien entity (Rebecca Dayan) and while McDonough's character tells her to stop what she's doing until they can "reach an understanding", she lets him know in no uncertain terms that he is the one who will be listening to them now - whoever "they" are. The teaser also features glimpses of some of the other characters in this new installment, with at least some of the story taking place in the present or near-present. It's still unclear exactly what to expect in this second half, but you can check out the teaser for yourself below.


One of the characters we get a look at in this new teaser is Sarah Paulson's character for the "Death Valley" half of Double Feature - and it's one that looks a lot more put together than her "Red Tide" character, Tuberculosis Karen. However, for American Horror Story fans while it's exciting to see Paulson taking on another character this season, it's a little bittersweet as well. Paulson recently revealed that Double Feature may be her last season of American Horror Story.

"It's the first time in about three years where I don't know," Paulson said about her future on the series to Watch What Happens. "I think this is my last season of Horror Story, probably."

She did note that series co-creator Ryan Murphy might still be able to bring her back, though.

"Every time he comes to me some wackadoodle-stoodle character, I tend to be like, 'Yes! Let's do it!' So, I don't know," she added.

American Horror Story: Double Feature airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on FX. "Death Valley" debuts on September 29th.

Are you looking forward to the alien-themed storyline of "Death Valley"? Do you have a theory for how "Red Tide" and "Death Valley" intersect? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!