Taissa Farmiga Recalls Her Supernatural Experience While Filming 'American Horror Story'

Over its seven seasons, American Horror Story has delivered audiences countless terrifying [...]

Over its seven seasons, American Horror Story has delivered audiences countless terrifying experiences, but star Taissa Farmiga recently confirmed that the bizarre encounters weren't limited to what happened on screen. The actress recalled an upsetting ordeal she underwent when trying to fall asleep and felt a presence in the room with her.

"Okay, so we're filming in New Orleans, which has such … there's so much voodoo and spirits and soul down there," Farmiga shared with Bloody Disgusting. "We finish shooting, I get home, it's a little after two, and also, to point out, Vera, my sister, [had] just recently told me she was doing research for The Conjuring. She told me that witching hours are around 3 am. So I was excited to go to bed before [remembering] that."

She continued, "I'm like, just so close to being in dreamland and all of a sudden, I'm wide awake. My eyes aren't open, but I feel wide awake and I hear some walking. You know, on the wood floors, you hear it creak. I'm like, 'Okay, that's bullsh-t.' I'm sleeping on the left side of the bed. All of a sudden, I feel someone grab the covers … I like to have the sheet folded over. Someone's grabbing right there, right there and starts pulling."

Understandably, this frightened the actress, causing her to spring into action.

"I jump up. I freak out, turn the light on. There's nothing there, I don't see anything," Farmiga confessed. "But I can't sleep. I can't sleep for the rest of the night. I mean, it was dark, so it was based on feeling it, like out of the lights around, so I can't see it though. But, like look, you pull it, you can feel if someone's pulling the covers down. And that was the only time I ever experienced anything."

Farmiga stars in The Nun, which was filmed on location in Romania. That film's director, Corin Hardy, claims that he had an otherworldly experience on that film, which included interacting with people who he believed were members of the crew, only for the individuals to have disappeared when he wasn't looking, with the only way out of the scene being to walk past him.

The actress will be reprising her role from Season Three of American Horror Story, Zoe Benson, in the upcoming Season Eight of the series, which premieres on September 12th. You can check out The Nun when it hits theaters on September 7th.

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