Blumhouse Promises Surprises and Sneak Peeks at This Year's BlumFest

The coronavirus pandemic saw most major in-person events get either cancelled or delayed back in [...]

The coronavirus pandemic saw most major in-person events get either cancelled or delayed back in 2020, which resulted in Blumhouse Productions delivering their first virtual BlumFest, a celebration which will be returning this October and will bring with it "surprises and sneak peeks" of many of their upcoming projects. Arguably the studio's most anticipated project would be Halloween Kills, but with that film landing in theaters just two weeks after BlumFest, fans likely won't be anticipating any major reveals so close to release, though with Halloween Ends set to hit theaters in October 2022, we can't rule out getting glimpses of what the future holds for Michael Myers. This year's BlumFest will be taking place on October 1st.

Blumhouse describes their event, "BlumFest, the annual event for Blumhouse fans, returns virtually for a second year in celebration of the company's favorite holiday, Halloween. This year's event will feature conversations with filmmakers and actors from upcoming Blumhouse films and television series, with plenty of surprises and sneak peeks for fans. We are making BlumFest even bigger this year by giving away some crazy sh-t! If you're feeling lucky, you may have a chance to win prizes like: movie tickets, one-of-a-kind autographed merch, and maybe the chance to pitch your movie or TV idea to a couple of VIPs."

In addition to BlumFest taking place on October 1st, that date will see the debut of the first two films in this year's slate of "Welcome to the Blumhouse" programming for Amazon Prime Video. Bingo Hell and Black as Night will both be debuting on the streaming service that day, while the next two films, Madres and The Manor, will debut the following week on October 8th.

In 2022, Blumhouse fans can expect the releases of films like The Black Phone and Paranormal Activity 7, in addition to Halloween Ends, with it being possible we'll get updates on those productions. Fans will surely also be hoping for updates on the upcoming The Exorcist sequel, Insidious sequel, Firestarter, and Spawn, as well as their TV series adaptation of the film Upgrade, among other rumored and announced projects.

Stay tuned for details on BlumFest before the event officially launches on October 1st. Halloween Kills lands in theaters on October 15th.

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