Bruce Campbell Has Perfect Reaction to Evil Dead’s Anniversary

October 15th marked 39 years since The Evil Dead first played at the Redford Theatre in Detroit, [...]

October 15th marked 39 years since The Evil Dead first played at the Redford Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. The movie since spawned a huge franchise with sequels such as Evil Dead II in 1987 and Army of Darkness in 1992. The movie also got a reboot in 2013 and a follow-up series, Ash vs Evil Dead, which ran from 2015 to 2018. There has also been a musical, comics books, video games, and more. Yesterday @HorrorCon2013 on Twitter celebrated the original film's anniversary and franchise star, Bruce Campbell, had the perfect reaction.

"39 years ago today, The Evil Dead was released," Horror-Con wrote. "Evil Dead wasn't released, it escaped," Campbell replied. You can check out the tweet below:

Recently, Campbell teased that the upcoming Evil Dead Rise will expand the scale of the mayhem to an entire city. "The Evil Dead are going to **** up a city this time," Campbell shared at a screening of the original movie earlier this year (via 1428 Elm).

Earlier this year, Campbell also commented that the new movie would be titled Evil Dead Now, but later clarified that the title was set to be Evil Dead Rise. Following that news, fans started to speculate that the new movie would take place in a high-rise instead of an isolated cabin like in previous films.

Director Lee Cronin recently detailed how supportive Sam Raimi was of his new take on the beloved horror franchise:

"It certainly wasn't me meeting with Sam and going, 'I've got this in my back pocket and I've always been waiting to play this card,'" Cronin shared with "I was just glad to meet with a filmmaker that has been inspirational to me and remains an inspiration to me to then have the opportunity, for him to give me the opportunity to think about what I would do. That was the really great part. And that sums up how Sam and Rob Tapert and Bruce work. They're really super supportive of your vision and your ideas, and that's really what they gave me. They gave me this space to go and figure out what to do and, I guess, thankfully, they saw something in my work that got them excited to allow me that freedom."

Stay tuned for details on Evil Dead Rise.