Chucky Just Introduced Its Wildest Variant Yet

Spoilers for Chucky follow! Throughout the Chucky TV series there have been a few variants of the killer doll that have popped up. Thanks to the events of Cult of Chucky, the Brad Douriff-voiced slasher now has the ability to divide himself across multiple host dolls, leading to some with distinct haircuts and personalities. This week, the third episode of Chucky season two, introduced two new versions of the character and while both are unique only one of them totally changes the game for Chucky moving forward. Though we get to meet Nice Chucky, who gets this way after some brainwashing, the episode concludes with the hilarious reveal of none other than Hulk Chucky.

Most of the episode featured the tease that another Chucky was making the rounds at the Incarnate Lord school, and though never shown it definitely was implied that something was different about this Chucky. First the little guy chokes a priest to death with his own rosary beads, not entirely out of the realm of possibility for a regular Chucky, though all the beads do fly off in a surprising feat of strength. Things escalate from there when this new Chucky meets Lexy's former bully Trevor, who has an entire hole punched through his chest by the doll who remarks, "I've never skipped arm day."

The final reveal of Hulk Chucky happens in the final scene, when he confronts Nice Chucky in the Headmaster's office. He enters the room, tiny overalls and shirt torn open to reveal plastic abs and a muscled chest. Before the episode concludes, Hulk Chucky stares at Nice Chucky and remarks, "I don't usually eat cream puffs but today's a cheat day," before cracking his knuckles.


Five episodes are left in Chucky's second season so we're almost certainly going to see more of Hulk Chucky in the near future. There's also very clearly some room for even more insane Chucky variants as the seed has been planted about a primary ring leader of the Chucky dolls known only as "The Colonel." Assuming that a southern-dandy version of Chucky is on the way, we frankly can't wait.

"When there are different Chuckys, I do a different voice for each one, or at least a different low, medium, and high kind of thing," star Brad Douriff previously teased at TCA last month. "And then there's a bit of a personality that comes from reading the script. And I go from beginning to end, in one character, and then go back to the beginning and do the second character. Go back and do the third character. That's the way I have done it before this season, and I am not talking about anything having to do with this season. Because I will be killed."

New episodes of Chucky air Wednesday at 9 PM ET on SYFY and USA Network.