Cult Classics Christmas Evil and Sisters Could Be Getting Reboots

The two cult classics are among those Pressman Film is looking to reboot.

Cult classics Christmas Evil and Sisters could be getting remakes. Sam Pressman, CEO of Pressman Film and son of the late Edward R. Pressman recently told Deadline (via Bloody Disgusting) that the two films are among those that the company is looking to reboot. It was recently announced that one of the company's films, The Crow, is getting a reboot from Lionsgate.  According to Pressman, while he can't really offer much in the way of details, there is "some really cool stuff" in the works.

"We've been doing some really cool stuff that I can't quite divulge but there are a number of avenues that, when the writers' strike is over, we'll be able to push forward on," Pressman said.

He added, "We've had a lot of fun going through the library looking for these hidden gems that can make great TV series or anime adaptations or stage plays — there are some interesting things brewing in that regard."

What is Christmas Evil About?

Released in 1980, Christmas Evil is a slasher film written and directed by Lewis Jackson. The film stars Brandon Maggart as a disturbed man obsessed with Santa Claus to the point that he believes himself to be Santa, eventually going on a homicidal rampage while dressed in a Santa suit.

What is Sisters About?

Sisters is a 1972 thriller starring Margot Kidder as a model, Danielle, whose separated conjoined twin Dominique is suspected of a brutal murder. The film, which was inspired by the lives of Soviet conjoined twins Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapova, was directed by Brian De Palma from a screenplay written by De Palma and Louisa Rose.

What Do We Know About The Crow Reboot?

The Crow reboot is currently set to arrive next year and will star Bill Skarsgård in the title role. FKA Twigs, Danny Houston, Laura Birn, Sami Bouajila, and Jordan Bolger star alongside Skarsgård, with the film having been written by Zach Baylin and Will Schneider and directed by Rupert Sanders. Like the original James O'Barr comic book and original 1994 movie, the film follows a man who was brutally killed coming back from the grave a year later to seek revenge against the thugs who killed him and his wife

"The Crow has been a very central and integral part of our company and I'm really proud of the progress and the work that has been done," Pressman said. "I think the movie is just going to blow people away. Our partners want to approach it in a very 360 way, whether it be video games, an animated series, or a universe, but it's got this cosmic legacy that can expand beyond a singular story."

He added, "We're finally at a point where we can really explore those other avenues because it's such a unique property in that it is not a studio film, it's not a Marvel film -- it's kind of an anti-Marvel film. I have the highest hopes for that and I really love what Molly Hassell has done in pushing it up the hill and Rupert Sanders is such a visionary."

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