Don't Breathe 2 Gets Official Rating

The upcoming sequel Don't Breathe 2 aims to be following suit with the unsettling subject matter [...]

The upcoming sequel Don't Breathe 2 aims to be following suit with the unsettling subject matter of the debut film, with the follow-up being confirmed to have earned an R rating by the MPA. The new film has earned the rating due to "strong bloody violence, gruesome images, and language." While original director Fede Alvarez didn't return to helm the sequel, original co-writer Rodo Sayagues has taken the reins and isn't watering down the experience, once again delivering fans an intense and disturbing experience that honors the original. Don't Breathe 2 is currently set to land in theaters on August 13th.

In the original film, three teens aim to exploit a blind man who lives in the neighborhood by breaking into his house to steal from a safe. Once inside, these thieves get more than they bargained for as they discover the man (Stephen Lang) is far more accustomed to navigating his own home in the darkness, making the burglars the ones who should be fearful.

This follow-up film was previously described, "In the years following the deadly home invasion, the Blind Man lives in quiet solace until his past sins catch up to him."

Lang previously teased what fans could expect from the upcoming outing, while detailing how he aimed to offer a much more authentic experience than witnessed in the predecessor.

"The first time out, you just plunge in, cause what do I know? I went at it the best way I could. I figured out a way to go at it," Lang explained to Bloody Disgusting's The Boo Crew podcast. "And I've been able to expand on that in the second one. This time, I really felt I had the proper time to really prepare. I really only had just a little over a month [to prepare for the first one]. I just did it. And it worked. It worked out good."

He continued, "Doing the sequel, I felt a real obligation to really, really work more specifically on the blindness, cause I had the time to do it. And so I hooked up with this amazing organization, The Northeastern Association for the Blind, which is located in Albany. And I began working with their director of orientation and movement. The second script was … it's a different deal. And so I just needed to do that preparation there. When you're working on the mechanics of a role, it's tangible. I really, really enjoyed preparing for this role."

Don't Breathe 2 hits theaters on August 13th.

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