Freddie Prinze Jr Breaks Silence on I Know What You Did Last Summer Sequel Plans (Exclusive)

Back in February a surprising announcement was revealed to the world that the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise would be the latest to roll out a legacy-sequel. A report at the time revealed that Original Films was set to bring back Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. who would reprise their roles. Do Revenge's Jennifer Kaytin Robinson has been tapped to direct the movie from a script by Leah McKendrick. But is it actually happening? Speaking with in promotion of That Was Pretty Scary podcast with co-host Jon Lee Brody, Freddie Prinze Jr. did not mince words that he's not actually attached to a new sequel for  I Know What You Did Last Summer.

"Original FIlms announced that Love and I were doing it," Prinze Jr. revealed.  "But they haven't offered me anything. I sat and met with the director after they made that announcement, which I shouldn't have done by the way. But it happens in our business all the time. I sat with the director and, and she pitched me a cool idea. But we'll see like that. I haven't read any script and I haven't received any offer. I'm just being all cards on the table. I don't believe in being coy and keeping these silly Hollywood secrets anymore. I'm 47 years old. I don't have time for that. The men in my family don't live that long."

To make things even more interesting about Prinze Jr.'s potential involvement, the actor revealed recently that he only recently actually watched the 1997 horror movie for the first time. As part of his podcast, the actor revealed to Fangoria that he hadn't actually seen the film.

"It brought back some memories that I was able to share on our first episode. Some of the stories you'll hear are ones that I'm telling for the very first time," Prinze Jr. said. "I've loved horror movies ever since I visited Universal Studios with my mom in 1984. I remember being completely enthralled by the studio tour and seeing the Universal Monsters up close. Since then my love for horror has run deep. My career brought me full circle with that very love when I filmed I Know What You Did Last Summer, and our podcast has been a great opportunity to not only revisit the horror movies I loved growing up, but also revisit memories of where I was when I first watched them."