New Ghost Hunters Episode to Feature Investigation With Meat Loaf From Past Year

Over the course of its history, the paranormal investigation series Ghost Hunters has featured a number of different special guests participating in unearthly encounters, with performer Meat Loaf having dropped by the program on a number of occasions. Tragically, the performer passed away earlier this month, devastating countless fans that he had earned across a variety of platforms. For fans of his insight into the supernatural, there's still another adventure in store, as he lent a hand to the Ghost Hunters for an investigation last September that will be debuting next month. The new episode of Ghost Hunters featuring Meat Loaf will debut on discovery+ on February 12th.

The episode, titled "The Haunted House on the Hill," is described by discovery+, "No stranger to the paranormal, the late rock legend Meat Loaf first joined the Ghost Hunters on an investigation in 2009 and has worked with the TAPS team on numerous investigations since. The 'Bat Out of Hell' singer and longtime friend of Jason Hawes, joined TAPS for a final time in September 2021 to investigate an old farmhouse in Tennessee. Rumors of terrifying activity have plagued the property for decades, but the new owners want to reassure the community that their home doesn't harbor dangerous entities."

The rest of this season breaks down as follows:

Episode 8 -- "The Girl With No Eyes"

  • Begins streaming Saturday, February 19th on discovery+
  • TAPS calls in Dustin Pari to join them in a baffling case in rural Kansas. Residents of an old farmhouse have reported unnerving paranormal activity over the past decade, and the new owners desperately need answers as to who – or what – is haunting the home.

Episode 9 -- "Wraiths of Winchester"

  • Begins streaming Saturday, February 26th on discovery+
  • TAPS investigates the Philip Williams House, a historic Virginia home bloodied by the Civil War and haunted by unexplained apparitions and violence. Secrets concealed beneath its floors may be tied to the extensive paranormal phenomena.

Episode 10 -- "Moonshiner Spirits"

  • Begins streaming Saturday, March 5th on discovery+
  • Amy Bruni and Adam Berry of Kindred Spirits join TAPS as the team investigates White Hill Mansion in Fieldsboro, New Jersey.

Episode 11 -- "The Shadow Man"

  • Begins streaming Saturday, March 12th on discovery+
  • Former Ghost Hunters investigator Kris Williams joins TAPS as the team investigates the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio.

Episode 12 -- "Tortured Souls of Cresson"

  • Begins streaming Saturday, March 19th on discovery+
  • The Ghost Brothers and Dustin Pari join TAPS as the team investigates Cresson Sanitorium in Pennsylvania.

You can check out Meat Loaf's Ghost Hunters appearance on discovery+ starting February 12th.

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