Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals New 'Halloween' Poster, Teases New Trailer

Fans of John Carpenter's Halloween are hanging a lot of hopes on the upcoming release of Halloween (2018), which will bring back a lot of the elements of Carpenter's original film, including the first Michael Myers actor, Nick Castle, as well as his would-be victim, Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode.

Well, as the next step in Halloween's marketing and promotion campaign, Jamie Lee Curtis has put out this new poster, with a tease of a new trailer arriving tomorrow:

Halloween (2018) Poster Laurie Strode Michael Myers

The image of the poster once again frames the reunion between Laurie and Michael, while subtly revealing the span of time that has passed between the original film and this new chapter - as well as the scars that both Laurie and Michael have, after their first encounter. As always, it's the eyes that tell the tale: Halloween (2018) has done a smart job using the wear and tear on Michael's iconic mask to show just how much time has gone by - in a rare instance of an actress actually putting her age on display, we also get to see the lines in Jamie Lee Curtis's face - and that age certainly has not dimmed the fierceness in her eyes!

Halloween (2018) will be taking the approach of only acknowledging the events of the original film, ignoring all of the subsequent sequels (and definitely Rob Zombie's 2000s reboot). The new storyline explores what happens when a documentary film crew comes to interview inmate Michael Myers, forty years after his rampage in 1978. Stoking that fire proves to be foolish, as Michael breaks loose and sets off to address some unfinished business: killing Laurie Strode. Now that Laurie has a family of her own (including a daughter and granddaughter), the list of Michael's potential victims has only gotten longer - which is why Laurie is more than prepared for the fight, this time.

The first Halloween (2018) trailer was more of a tease meant to connect past and present, so it will be interesting to see how the new trailer is received.


Halloween will be in theaters on October 19th.