Halloween Ends: Jamie Lee Curtis Shows Off Laurie Strode's New Look From Set

Given all the delays the franchise has suffered both in production and in release, many horror fans have forgotten that Halloween Ends is still slated to land in theaters this fall, with star Jamie Lee Curtis taking to social media to show off her new wardrobe as Laurie Strode from the set of the film. The photo doesn't shed much light on what audiences can expect from the adventure, but with how long audiences have been waiting to see the culmination of the David Gordon Green-directed trilogy, fans will surely be excited to know that production is finally underway. Halloween Ends is currently slated to hit theaters on October 14th.

"OLD DOG NEW TRICKS," Curtis captioned the photo of herself from the production.

Halloween Ends marks Curtis' seventh time playing the role of Strode, which she debuted back in 1978's Halloween. Over the course of more than 40 years, the franchise has had a number of different timelines that embrace certain narrative threads while ignoring others. As far as Green's trilogy is concerned, the only installment in the series that matters is the initial film, with 2018's Halloween serving as a direct sequel to that effort. Interestingly, Halloween Kills replicated the approach to 1981's Halloween II, as both films picked up immediately where their predecessors left off.

With the upcoming sequel, however, Green has confirmed that the narrative will be jumping forward by roughly four years, which explains Laurie having a slightly new look for the film.

Despite the length of time fans have had to wait for Ends, producer Ryan Freimann previously explained that the project didn't go through many changes during the delays.

"It's pretty much on track with where it was," Freimann confirmed with ComicBook.com in 2021. "David's got his ... He's such a creative force, that now he's doing The Exorcist and he's got a Hellraiser TV series. The floodgates of horror are open to him, so I think he also has his convictions and I think that he knows the general direction he's sailing the ship."

He continued, "So, are we going to avoid little things here and there? Yes. Has it given us time to reflect on things? Yes. And, in some ways, it might be good, and hopefully not ... Because I know sometimes when I sit with things for too long, you can juggle them to death, instead of just going with your gut. But to answer your question succinctly, it's more or less the same thing we've had going along."

One confirmed tweak is that Kyle Richards, who has played Lindsey Wallace in the series, is confirmed to be returning, thanks to Ends earning a slight rewrite to include her character.

Halloween Ends is scheduled to lands in theaters on October 14th.

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