Halloween Kills Sets Franchise Body Count Record

With a name like Halloween Kills movie fans and slasher fanatics are no doubt expecting a bloodbath from director David Gordon Green's new flick, and they get one. Clocking in at 1 hour and 45 minutes long, the 12th movie in the series very quickly earns its title and gives its fan-favorite Boogeyman plenty of new tools and weapons to dispatch his victims with. As a result of all the carnage that takes place in the film the movie quickly sets a franchise record in terms of body count, but also gives Myers more victims in one movie than seemingly any other slasher movie villain in horror movie history. Spoilers below!

Before the credits roll on Halloween Kills we see a flashback to right after the conclusion of the 1978 movie, revealing how Michael Myers was apprehended by the police and showing the first victim of the movie (who isn't actually killed by Myers). From here the film picks up after the events of the 2018 movie, with an extended sequence showing how Myers escapes from the burning Strode compound, resulting in the death of at least seven firefighters, and perhaps more implied in later dialogue.

We won't offer a beat-for-beat recap fo the rest of the deaths in the movie, some of them are too good to ruin, but in the end a staggering amount of people have bitten the dust with upwards of 30 people killed in the film.

Of the 30 or so that are killed, 25 of them were killed by Myers either directly on screen or implied, which sets a new record for the franchise in terms of total dead bodies and Myers' victims. With the minimum 25 victims that we see on screen in Halloween Kills however the film has allowed Michael's total in this movie to eclipse the body count of any other slasher's total from an individual film in mainstream horror movie history. Jason Voorhees' highest body count in one movie is 21 in Jason X, Jigsaw's is 22 in Saw 3D, and Chucky's is 15 in Seed of Chucky. The only other character that exceeds this in one film is Adam Green's Victory Crowley character in Hatchet III.

Previous films in the Halloween series that held these titles were Rob Zombie's Halloween remake and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers with a matching total of 20 total dead. The 2007 film from Zombie also had the previous most Myers' victims at 18 with Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers following it with 17 and 2018's Halloween afterward with 16. Halloween Kills quickly makes mincemeat out of all of them, eclipsing these numbers probably halfway through its runtime.

Prior to Halloween Kills though the movie with the biggest body count was actually the only film in the series without Michael Myers, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, which had a body count of 22

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