'Insidious: The Last Key' Director Promises Deleted Scenes on Blu-ray

The latest chapter of the Insidious franchise hit theaters last weekend, taking home $29 million [...]

The latest chapter of the Insidious franchise hit theaters last weekend, taking home $29 million domestically. The film received poor critical reviews, while fans had mixed reactions, with some of the more interesting responses being bewilderment that many of the visuals featured in the film's trailer didn't make the film's final cut. Director Adam Robitel promised these scenes would make it to the Blu-ray.

"Are all of the scenes in the trailer that were promisingly advertised but nowhere to be found in THE LAST KEY going to be on the Blu-ray???" one fan asked the director on Twitter. Robitel replied, "Yes, they will. For pacing purposes they were removed… as sad as it made me."

Countless films have tweaked a final edit in between a trailer being created and the film finally arriving in theaters, yet when the disturbing visuals from a trailer are what you're looking forward to, it's easy to be frustrated that these scenes don't appear in a final cut.

Questioning where certain scenes went wasn't the only response the film received on Twitter this past weekend, as franchise co-creator James Wan took to the social media platform to praise this latest installment.

"#InsidiousTheLastKey is one of my favs in the series. Spooky fun romp! (And funny too!)," Wan shared. "Top work by @AdamRobitel and @linshaye is fantastic as always. The beating heart of the series. Our Donald Pleasence!"

The filmmaker also made sure to joke about writer Leigh Whannel's script, as the series regularly interjects humor amongst all of its horrors.

"I gotta say. #InsidiousTheLastKey is @LWhannell's funniest horror work since SAW. But, like, on purpose this time," Wan joked.

Wan and Whannell's collaborations date back to 2004 with Saw, in addition to Dead Silence, Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2. Whannell has not only written each installment in the Insidious series, but has also starred in them all and directed Insidious: Chapter 3.

Coming from Wan, these compliments must have meant a lot.

"James Wan is like the Michael Jordan of supernatural horror, and I quickly realized, probably a week into it…Look. I did a ton of research," Robitel shared with ComicBook.com. "I went back and watched movies that I know James was influenced by, whether it's The Changeling or Burnt Offerings. You study the sort of grammar and execution of scares, but I quickly realized I can't out-Wan the Wan. Like, nobody can out-Wan the Wan. I don't think James can out-Wan himself, so I didn't try to do that."

Insidious: The Last Key is in theaters now. The home video release and all of its deleted scenes should be hitting shelves later this year.

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