A Quiet Place Part II Final Trailer on the Way

At long last, A Quiet Place Part II is finally ready to hit theaters. The sequel to the smash hit Quiet Place was one of the first major films to feel the effects of the pandemic last year, as it was only a couple of weeks away from its premiere when things started to shut down. A Quiet Place Part II is now set to be released on May 28th, after sitting on the shelf for more than a year, and there's one final trailer on its way before the film premieres.

On Wednesday, the official Quiet Place Twitter account revealed that the final trailer for the new movie would be released online on Thursday. This will give fans one last look at new footage before the film debuts at the end of the month. You can take a look at the quick teaser in the tweet below!

John Krasinski is returning to direct and star in A Quiet Place Part II, having filled both roles in the first movie as well. Emily Blunt is also returning in the lead role, and she'll be joined by series newcomers Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou.

While the story of the Part II will move forward with the family after the death of Krasinski's character at the end of the first movie, the filmmaker managed to make his way back into the sequel for a couple of flashback scenes.

Krasinski didn't plan to appear in the second one, but he explained to Ellen Degeneres last year that he felt the sequel needed to show a bit about how the world fell apart. If the main family of the series was going to appear in those flashbacks, he needed to be present.


"No, it's one of those things where I wasn't really going to do a second one because the first one was such a personal experience which looks insane, now that you're watching that," he said. "It was really important for me to continue the metaphor and so we actually start dealing with how this all started so there's a little bit in the movie about how this all started."

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