Scream Getting Official Cereal in the UK

The Halloween season might be behind us, resulting in Monster Cereals like Count Chocula and Frankenberry hibernating for the next year, but horror fans still have some excitement just around the corner, as the UK's Cereal Killer confirmed that it will be releasing an official Scream cereal in honor of the upcoming sequel. Unfortunately, the cereal won't necessarily be available at your local grocery store, as fans will have to purchase the item from Cereal Killer, but given that it also comes with a collectible box, it'll surely be a treat all Scream fans will want to get their hands on. You can join the Cereal Killer mailing list for updates on the cereal and you can see the new Scream in theaters on January 14, 2022.

Cereal Killer describes the product, "The World's first official Scream Cereal, available exclusively at Cereal Killer. This isn't just an amazing cereal, the Collector's box is the first-ever talking cereal box! You'll know what your favourite scary movie is once you get your hands on a box of Scream Cereal! This Strawberries and Cream Flavour mallow cluster, is packed with a strawberry and cream punch and loads of strawberry jelly bits, with whole dehydrated marshmallows."

With 2021 marking the 25th anniversary of the original film, there's more than enough reason for fans to celebrate the series, with a new film just over the horizon only making the release of this cereal all the more relevant. The new film sees the returns of stars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette, as well as Scream 4's Marley Shelton.

(Photo: Cereal Killer)

Arquette shared earlier this year that, even after his tenure in the franchise, he still gets affected by the appearance of Ghostface.

"Anytime you see Ghostface, it's always something ... just as a horror film lover myself, there's something just incredible about the whole being part of that. Seeing the mask on Halloween, I just love that," Arquette shared during the press event in which attended. "That he's become such an iconic figure within the whole horror genre. It's been an emotional experience for me. I've thought about [original director] Wes [Craven] quite a bit, really talk to him in my head, said personal little prayers, just feeling his energy around, really. It's a new movie, it's a new movie that honors the past films, but a lot has happened since even the last one. I think they incorporate all of that. I think they incorporate aspects of our world now and what we've all experienced and the evolution of the internet and the evolution of horror films in general. I think it's gonna be really exciting. I think they just ramped up all ... They learned from what came before and expanded it in a really brilliant way." 

The new Scream lands in theaters on January 14, 2022. Stay tuned for details on the official Scream cereal.

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