Stephen King Heaps High Praise on Edgar Wright's Last Night in Soho

Later this week will see the official release of fan-favorite director Edgar Wright's latest movie, the much delayed by COVID-19, Last Night in Soho. Ahead of its worldwide debut, none other than horror maestro Stephen King has sounded off on the film, as he is want to do, and has dished some high praise on Wright's new project. In a tweet about the film, King wrote: "I got an advance look at LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, and plan to see it again when it opens on Friday. I hardly ever re-watch--there's so many good things out there--but this one is special. Time travel with a twist."

Wright replied in kind, "I would not have conceived Last Night In Soho without this man's writing, so this beautiful comment has made my year. And to get repeat business too? I am truly humbled." when asked by The Hollywood Reporter about it at the film's Hollywood premiere, Wright added: "I honestly don't think I would've really come up with this film if I hadn't read his books when I was at a very impressionable age, like 13, 14. Aside from even the horror elements, he also always had a lot of references to music within his books, and that was something that really stuck with me."

Wright's co-writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns shared his excitement as well, adding: "I grew up loving Stephen King. Edgar sent me that tweet and I sent it straight to my mom and it was about 3 the UK and she phoned me up, screaming. I'm such a huge fan of Stephen King and to have praise and feedback like that from him is an absolute dream come true."

As of this writing, Last Night in Soho is sitting at 73% on Rotten Tomatoes, just clinging onto its "Fresh" status on the Tomatometer, and shockingly making it the lowest rated film of Wright's career.'s own Patrick Cavanaugh awarded the film a 4 out of 5 however, writing in part:

"In some ways, Last Night in Soho marks filmmaker Edgar Wright's most ambitious project yet.... his latest film marks what would be his first attempts at delivering audiences an unsettling story without any hints of satire or parody. What's been clear throughout his filmography is that Wright absolutely loves film, and while he's happy to poke fun at tropes, he's also happy to put his own perspective on those conventions while also embracing them with love and authenticity. Last Night in Soho doesn't pave much of a new path for the genre, instead feeling like a superbly stylish love letter to suspenseful thrillers from the '60s and '70s."

Last Night in Soho hits theaters on October 29th.