Doritos Announces Stranger Things Promotion and "Concert From the Upside Down"

While trailers, photos, and interviews are helping confirm that a new season of Stranger Things really is right around the corner, what takes the excitement to new levels is the promotional tie-ins that the Netflix series is launching, including three new limited-edition packages of Doritos honoring the show. Fans will start to see the monstrous Demogorgon taking over the packaging of Nacho Cheese and Spicy Sweet Chili flavors of Doritos at your local grocery store, in addition to Doritos 3D Crunch: Spicy Ranch. The marketing campaign is also teasing a "Live from the Upside Down" concert being held later this summer.

The official Doritos site reads, "Doritos Music Fest '86 was the greatest concert that never happened. The musicians disappeared into another dimension and the show was cancelled. Until now. Doritos and Netflix's Stranger Things present 'Live From The Upside Down,' coming summer of 2022. Go ahead. Claim your ticket. Open the portal. Enjoy the show."

The event promises, "4 unforgettable acts. 1 concert from another dimension. Who will be joining us Live From The Upside Down? Stay tuned."

The mysterious nature of the series, as well as this promotion, leads fans to speculate about what "Live from the Upside Down" might be, though it will likely be a livestream of performances, possibly live or pre-recorded, that will potentially embrace a set design honoring the unearthly locale. It's also unknown whether the performers will be era-appropriate acts from the '80s or contemporary artists paying their respects to that period in time.

While the Upside Down has been a core component of the series since its launch, it isn't always a central location of each season, though co-creator Ross Duffer recently admitted that this new season spends more time in the Upside Down than ever before.

"We didn't get to go into the Upside Down in last season at all due to the narrative," Ross confirmed with IGN. "And this season, we wanted to really go in there and spend some time there. So that's something we're super excited about this season. I mean, we spend more time in the Upside Down than any other season. It's not even close."

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming Stranger Things promotion before the new season premieres on Netflix on May 27th.

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