Tombstone Pizza Offers Free Pizza for a Year for Horror Fans Living on Elm Street

Now that it is October, spooky season is officially and decidedly here, which means that it's time for all things creepy, spooky, and when it comes to creepy and spooky, there are few horror franchises better known than A Nightmare on Elm Street. Now, just in time for the spookiest time of the year, Tombstone Pizza is offering fans of all things creepy and horror a fun and tasty way to celebrate with a truly unique "crossover" of sorts. If you happen to live on Elm Street, this is no nightmare: Tombstone is giving you a chance to win free pizza this month.

From now until October 31st, Tombstone is rewarding those brave enough to live on a real-life Elm Street — and there are more than 5000 real Elm Streets across the United States. All Elm Street residents have to do is enter online here for a chance to win free Tombstone pizza. One lucky Elm Street resident will even be selected at random to win free pizza for a year — which is a considerably better prize than having to deal with Freddy Kreuger.

First released in 1984, A Nightmare on Elm Street was written and directed by Wes Craven and was not only an instant commercial success, but it kicked off an entire franchise which currently includes nine films, including 2010's reboot A Nightmare on Elm Street. The franchise has also branched out into television, books, comic books, and more while the film and Freddy Krueger have both become major parts of pop culture — so much so that while there are not currently confirmed plans for additional films in the franchise, people are still talking about the prospect of more, including seeing Robert Englund reprise his role as Freddy. Englund has frequently said he feels too old to reprise the role, though producer Jason Blum said earlier this year he thinks he could get him back.

"I could make him come back," Blum shared with Screen Rant of Englund's return. "I could get anyone back. I mean, Ellen Burstyn was 87, I got her back in [the upcoming sequel to] The Exorcist."

The producer joked about Englund's age, "75... he's young."


Do you live on Elm Street and plan to enter to win free pizza from Tombstone? What is your favorite Nightmare on Elm Street film? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!