Netflix's 'YOU' Season 2 Starts Production

Netflix's YOU has officially begun production on Season 2.

Netflix's "See What's Next" Twitter account marked the start of the popular psychological thriller series' second season production with photos from the first table read featuring Joe himself Penn Badgley alongside co-stars Victoria Pedretti (who plays Love Quinn) and Ambyr Childres (who plays Candace). Check it out below.

Based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, the first season of YOU centered on Joe Goldberg, a bookstore employee who becomes enamored by one of his female customers, taking a terrifying ownership over her as he uses all the resources the internet has to offer to inject himself into her life. The longer the clerk stalks his victim, the more he connects with her, with each day that goes by being one step closer to her discovering his dark past and the ways in which he has invaded her life.

While we won't spoil how Season 1 ends, it sets Joe up for a change of scenery in Season 2. Based on Kepnes' sequel novel Hidden Bodies, the second season "will follow Goldberg to Los Angeles where he meets Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), an aspiring chef that isn't into social media like his previous leading lady."

YOU initially premiered on Lifetime, but it wasn't until it debuted on Netflix months later that the series became a sensation. The Hollywood Reporter previously revealed that, in the series' first four weeks on the streaming service, it scored over 40 million views. The service categorizes a view as a user watching at least 70 percent of the first episode. That means that while not everyone is watching the full 10-episode first season, most are staying invested at least long enough to get through the first 30 minutes of the pilot.

It's viewership like that that has made YOU one of the most-talked about properties on Netflix at the moment along with another recent hit, the Sandra Bullock-starring Bird Box. That film, which depicts a world where otherworldly monsters will cause anyone who sees them to kill themselves, resulting in survivors having to wear blindfolds in order to navigate the outside world, also drew in a staggering number of viewers. Bird Box even became such a phenomenon that viewers took up the so-called "Bird Box Challenge" in which viewers blindfold themselves and attempt to take on mundane tasks.

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YOU Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.