Adam Sandler Reveals Bizarre Story of the Time He Bought His Own Hair From a Fan

Adam Sandler had a bizarre story of the time that he bought his own hair from a fan. Now, people will sell just about anything on the Internet and hair is actually fair game. The comedian joined Jimmy Kimmel Live and told the audacious story of one entrepreneur. Now, he was at a barbershop, which explains the follicles in question. But, as you might expect hair has to travel a long way to get onto an online marketplace. To add insult to injury, the fan in question would not be giving it up without some compensation. The only part of the situation that's a silver lining is the fact that it would cost the Uncut Gems very much money at all to buy back the locks that the fan made off with.

"I had a person one time, I was leaving a haircut. And a kid came out with a bag of my haircut and asked me to sign that, and I did that," Sandler began. "On the Internet that night, he was selling it and saying 'Adam Sandler's pubic hair.' It's a true story. I bought them back for $65."

SNL's Pete Davidson actually had a lot of kind words to say about the beloved comedian. During this summer's "At Home" episodes, the duo encouraged social distancing and the cast member broke down the support he received.

"I'm pretty tight with the Sandman, which is the coolest thing I ever get to say. He's just such a cool, nice guy," the SNL star explained. "I can't explain how wonderful of a person he is. I just reached out and texted him and was like, 'Hey, is there any shot you would ever want to do a song together?' And he was like, 'Hell yeah, buddy' and it was awesome. We just sent each other notes back and forth and he came up with that great verse. It just fell together. I was really thrilled."

Sandler also took a moment to share a couple kind words about Cameron Boyce after his passing


"He passed away just a few days before filming," the star shared. "That kid was a great kid. His family is amazing. I know him from Grown-ups. He was a little kid in Grown-ups. I watched him become a superstar. My kids worshiped him. He came to my daughter's bat mitzvah. He came and literally signed, there were 400 kids there, and he signed all the kids autographs. He would always have these charity things going on. He would bug me, for charity stuff. Never cared about anything else. Just a nice solid, talented kid."

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