Reported Ex-CIA Agents Says Area 51 Is Real

A government outpost located in southern Nevada, Area 51 has been at the root of plenty of conspiracies throughout the years.  Someone has now come forward saying all the chatter is real, even suggesting that's where the United States Armed Forces store aliens and spacecraft. The latest claim comes from a reportedly anonymous ex-CIA agent, who sat down with an interviewer years ago—and it's that same interview that's just now going viral.

Not willing to share his identity for fear of retribution, despite considering the interview a deathbed revelation, the alleged CIA agent said he personally went to Area 51 to examine alien corpses. "It took us 13 or 15 miles south to s4 and like different garage door openings okay and in these garage door openings they had like different saucer crafts," the agent says. "The very first one had Roswell craft and it was kind of crashed up but apparently, every alien that was in a died except for a couple… The Roswell craft was really strange because it looked like really heavy aluminum foil. We could walk next to it and the whole thing probably weighed 150-300 pounds."

This same person was involved in a publicized interview in 1998, where he then went by the name, "Agent Kewper." According to Kewper, he was even able to sit in on an interview with one of the beings. "At s4 we viewed the autopsy film and then the colonel said what we've got in here is we're interviewing a grey alien. I thought we had no idea we were going to see the real thing all we saw was the film," he adds.

Kewper says the alien he examined had a slightly larger head than a human with a "very, very small" nose and mouth.

While "Kewper's" claims have yet to be confirmed nor denied, UFO filmmaker and documentarian Jeremy Corbell—one of those in the industry with the largest following—says his claims were legitimate. "Meeting with him... I found him to be legitimate. Nobody knows what he was up against to do that interview, except @ReubenLangdon," Corbell tweeted earlier this month. "That interview definitely was good for thought. The truth is definitely out there."


It's believed Kewper ended up passing away at some point in 2015, though he identity has never been confirmed in any official manner.

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