Arrow's Stephen Amell Realizes He Has to Run for Prime Minister Now

If it's on the internet, it's there forever and can sometimes pop up when you least expect it and for Arrow star Stephen Amell, that unexpected return is serving as a reminder of something he said five years ago: that he'd run for Prime Minister of Canada if Kanye West runs for President of the United States. While that might not have seemed like even a remote possibility in 2015, as we've all seen 2020 plays by no rules but its own and while Kanye is indeed running for president, Amell has just one word for his own political aspiration: Whoops.

On Twitter, Amell shared a screenshot of the old Tweet along with his "Whoops". You can check it out for yourself below.

Amell will certainly be forgiven for forgetting to run for Prime Minister -- the most recently Canadian federal election was held in 2019 so it wouldn't technically apply to Kanye's presidential run as the entertainer announced that just a few months ago and, more than that, Canadian elections work a bit differently than those in the United States. More than that, though, the actor has been hard at work getting ready for his upcoming Starz series, Heels.

First announced in August 2019, Heels is Amell's first television project following Arrow. The series, set in a close-knit Georgia community, follows a family-owned wrestling program as two brothers and rivals -- one of them played by Amell -- war over their late father's legacy. In the ring, Amell's Jack Spade is the charismatic villain, or heel, of the Duffy Wrestling Association (DWA). In the real world, he’s its hard-working owner, a husband and father trying to make ends meet while fighting to realize his impossible dreams. He has the mind of an artist in the body of a warrior, and a Steve Jobs-ian need for perfection — and for control. He says he’ll do whatever it takes to build the DWA into an empire.

The actor has in recent weeks taken to social media to offer updates on the series, including that the series would be going to camera soon as well as his own workouts getting ready for the series. Amell has also previously teased that the series will see some crazy stunts as it is a show about wrestling, and that he will do those stunts himself.

"I've got a lot of training to do starting in January, but yeah, eight episodes," Amell said in an appearance on Michael Rosenbaum's Inside of You podcast earlier this year. "I'm not going to have a stunt double. I can't. I'm going to be in a Speedo. How the f-ck am I going to have a stunt double? I'm going to wear wrestling trunks, we call them trunks, but it's ostensibly a Speedo."

He then explained that his character will wrestle a few times in the first episode and that it was going lead to some interesting times on the series.


"I'm going to have to do some crazy sh-t."

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