Baby Shark Sets Staggering New YouTube Record

For better or for worse, "Baby Shark" has become a bonafide phenomenon, with listeners of all ages getting its catchy tune stuck in their heads. The Pinkfong iteration of the song, and its accompanying music video, have become a part of our popular culture at this point — and apparently, they just accomplished a pretty epic milestone. On Thursday, it was announced by The Pinkfong Company that the "Baby Shark Dance" video has become the first YouTube video in history to hit 10 billion views, making it the most-viewed video in YouTube history. As Pinkfong points out, the video has now achieved more views than the entire human population.

"We are delighted to announce that our beloved Baby Shark has recorded another remarkable milestone," Min-seok Kim, the CEO of The Pinkfong Company, said in a statement. "It has been a truly meaningful journey to witness how Baby Shark has connected people around the world and we can't wait to introduce Baby Shark's further adventures that will bring unparalleled experiences to even more fans everywhere."

In conjunction with celebrating this milestone, The Pinkfong Company is launching a year-long campaign called "Beyond Infinity", which aims to build confidence in fans that anything is possible and achievable, just as Baby Shark has been able to expand its own universe beyond the internet.

This is the latest example of the cultural impact that "Baby Shark" has had over the years, with an animated series on Nickelodeon, a movie in the worksa tie-in cereal, and a new collection of NFTs.

"Having witnessed the massive cultural impact that Baby Shark had on the world and its ability to connect people, we are thrilled to offer collectors and fans an opportunity to own a piece of the cultural icon through digital art and share equity in our journey," Bin Jeong, CEO of Pinkfong USA, said in a statement when the NFTs were announced. "As a sensation born on the internet, it is a natural progression for Baby Shark to embrace NFTs, which will be a significant step of the next chapter of Baby Shark's stamp on the digital landscape."

"Over the last year we have seen strong demand from our community for music-inspired NFTs," Dannie Chu, MakersPlace co-founder and CEO, added. "We want to expand our offerings in this space by providing the platform, tools and curatorial support to help bring great audio-visual works to life on the blockchain. We are thrilled to partner with Pinkfong to bring the world of Baby Shark to the digital arts space."