These Are The Best Thanksgiving Day Dinner Failures

Thanksgiving is a time when just about everyone in the family is responsible for bringing one dish or another to the festivities, and it doesn't always go as planned. Some family members go the store route, while others pick up from a restaurant, but the brave and bold attempt to cook their chosen dish on their own, and as you can see in this hilarious collection of Thanksgiving dinner fails, the results can be comical. Whether it's because they overslept, cooked the wrong thing in the oven, or just mistimed their chosen dish, these dishes just didn't make the cut, and you can see some of our favorite Thanksgiving dinner fails below.

First up is a chocolate cheesecake, or so we thought, but it is actually just a really burnt cheesecake. Unfortunately, @Babyyrayyy fell asleep while it was cooking in the oven, though at least the house did not burn down.

She posted the image of the cheesecake with the caption "PSA don't fall asleep while ur cheesecake is cooking in the oven 🤒 almost burned down my house lol HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🦃🍁🍽"

One of the best fails was a duo of dishes by @papipesoss, who fell asleep while the food was cooking in the oven. What came out of the oven were two dishes that looked like brownies on top but were actually macaroni and cheese and a casserole.

Luckily it seems there was time for another batch, which came out perfectly.

Another great dish was one from @13AdrianaDeAlba, who made Green Bean Casserole but forgot the Green Beans, so she just put them all on top of the casserole.

The finished product is amazing, and she posted the photo with the caption "I..... forgot to put the green beans in the green bean casserole..... so now they're just sitting on top and Thanksgiving is cancelled."

@GinBurger shared a tip with fellow cooks by revealing a photo of what happens when you broil marshmallows, and the short version is don't do it.

She posted the photo with the caption "Pro Tip: don't broil marshmallows... I walked away to figure out how to transport the turkey and came back to a kitchen full of smoke. 🤦🤣 Luckily the burnt marshmallows all came right off. #Thanksgiving #Cooking #CookingDiary"

@Breekamery didn't have much luck with the biscuits, but that's not what she's really worried about, as she's also in charge of Turkey. She posted the photo of the burnt biscuits with the caption "Happy thanksgiving!! Guess who burned the biscuits THIS GIRL. Guess who's in charge of cooking a turkey tomorrow THIS :-) GIRL :-)"

@QBingham now has a ruined by because someone wanted a funny Tik Tok video, and we have questions. They posted with the caption "The cousin that thinks he's funny just ruined Thanksgiving for a TikTok."

@CowBoyHandsome_ is a bit bummed that his one job didn't go as planned, though while the outside of the cake is burnt, the inside looks just fine.

He posted with the caption "My Mom gave me ONE job for thanksgiving tomorrow and i Burnt The Pound Cake, The inside Look Good Tho They Better Peel It Off"

Did you have your own Thanksgiving fail? Let us know in the comments!