Red Creme Oreoes Released for the Holidays

Halloween is behind us and now that the candy's been eaten and the pumpkins put away, people are turning their focus to the next holiday and we do not mean Thanksgiving. Christmas is coming and as stores start rolling out their holiday decor and other offerings, the snack food world, too, is getting into the holiday cheer and that includes OREO. The beloved cookie brand is rolling out their festive red creme variety for the holiday season -- and they're popping up on store shelves now.

On Instagram, @dadbodsnacks (via Delish) posted that the holiday OREO had been spotted at his local Target and shared a photo of the cookies on store shelves. You can check that out for yourself below.

A quick check of the Target website shows that they are, indeed, available now with a retail price of around $3 -- though you will want to check your local store for exact price and to check availability. The cookies also come in what the package describes as "five cool winter designs." It's also worth noting that while these holiday-themed OREO cookies do have that distinctive red creme, there's no flavor difference between these and the traditional variety. The red creme is simply an aesthetic change.

It's unclear at this time if these will be the only holiday-themed OREO cookies available for the winter season. Last year, OREO brought back Peppermint Bark OREO cookies for the winter season. That flavor has popped up two years in a row so many cookie fans are hopeful it will come back for 2020 as well, though last year's release of Peppermint Bark OREO hit shelves on October 29th.

Of course, if you're not quite ready to transition into the holly jolly season, orange-colored creme OREO cookies are still available on some store shelves. Similar to the red creme variant, these cookies taste the same as a regular OREO but are just festive colored as well as have "five spooky Halloween designs."


What do you think? Are you ready for the red creme holiday OREO cookies? What is your favorite OREO variety? Let us know in the comments!