Dunkaroos Celebrates Its Triumphant Return With Most 90s Website Imaginable

In a matter of weeks, General Mills will officially send out Dunkaroos to the masses, the first time the legendary treats will be available in the United States since 2021. To celebrate, the snack-maker launched a site looking like it was ripped straight from 1994. Featuring an incredibly simple table layout with peak-90s colors like greys, purples, and teals, the page was initially launched to serve as a pre-ordering site for 5,000 lucky Dunkaroos fans.

Believe it or not, those 5,000 preorder packets sold out in a matter of minutes. Luckily for '90s kids, the website remains in its full glory, with an equally awesome '90s-themed Instagram account to boot. You can see the site at Dunkaroos.com.

dunkaroos website
(Photo: General Mills)

The graham cracker and frosting snack was a go-to after-school snack for plenty of '90s kids before it was pulled from the shelves nearly a decade ago. Though an on-sale date has yet to be unveiled, General Mills says the goodies will get a limited release at participating 7-11 locations in late May before a nationwide release at convenience stores and grocers in June.

“We’re thrilled to relaunch Dunkaroos in the U.S. after years of it only being available in Canada,” said Jeff Caswell, president of Snacks at General Mills, in a statement provided to ComicBook.com earlier this year. “For those who grew up in the ‘90s, the original cookie-frosting combo represents the taste, color and fun of being a kid during that decade. We know there’s a lot of love for Dunkaroos, and fans everywhere have been asking for it. We’re excited to help ‘90s kids relive all the best parts of childhood.”

Despite many retailers shutting down during the ongoing pandemic, General Mills has confirmed the release plans are still on track for the treat.

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