EPCOT's Spaceship Earth Has New Holiday Light Show

EPCOT's Spaceship Earth has a new limited-time lighting composition for the holiday season. Today marks the official start of the International Festival of the Holidays, an annual holiday festival that takes place at EPCOT. In addition to a park full of special menu items and limited time merchandise, EPCOT's most iconic landmark is also receiving a glowup to celebrate. Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley posted a brief video of a new lighting composition designed by Disney Imagineers for the new festival.

"Our team was inspired by the concept of light ushering in holiday celebrations around the world, and our Imagineering team created new programming reflective of starlight in clear winter skies and the beautiful green and blue glow of the Aurora Borealis northern lights," Riddley noted on Instagram. 

The new light show is made possible thanks to hundreds of LED lights that were installed as part of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration. All four parks had one of their iconic structures transformed into a Beacon of Magic, but Spaceship Earth is receiving a permanent makeover that allows the park's Imagineers to add some extra flair as visitors prepare to leave the park. 

The new lighting show also pays homage to some of EPCOT's past holiday celebrations. "We are excited to use this new lighting system to harken back to concepts and stories from the park's past," Riddley noted. "And for the first time we are bringing that concept to life – by referencing visual elements from the Lights of Winter holiday display that graced the World Showcase bridge from 1994 until 2008. Fans of EPCOT's history may even be able to pick out these visual elements! The EPCOT legacy is alive in the new experiences coming to this park — we proudly pass along our passion for future generations to enjoy."

Visitors will be able to check out the full lighting composition between now and year end. The full International Festival of the Holidays will take place until December 31st.