Exclusive Clip: Jessica Jones' Aneesh Sheth on Famous Cast Words

All Arts has provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive first look at a new clip from their series [...]

All Arts has provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive first look at a new clip from their series Famous Cast Words, featuring Jessica Jones's Aneesh Sheth. In the clip, Sheth talks about inclusion and the importance of creating diverse casts, as well as her own role on the Marvel/Netflix hit. Famous Cast Words is described as "a new ALL ARTS series giving viewers an insider's peek into the entertainment industry with intimate discussions about representation and inclusion with stage and screen actors. Hosted by Lynne Marie Rosenberg ("High Maintenance"), the series features conversations with Amber Gray (Hadestown), Aneesh Sheth (Jessica Jones), Emilio Delgado (Sesame Street) and Maysoon Zayid (Find Another Dream).

Famous Cast Words shines a spotlight on the entertainment biz, giving viewers a rare and fascinating peek inside via intimate conversations with noted actors from stage and screen, who delve into timely topics like representation and inclusion and what it means to them. The new series blends hilarious readings of language from the casting world with an earnest investigation into what's wrong, and what's changing, in the biz.

You can check it out below.

"It's great," Sheth says of Jessica Jones. "I'm lucky that a lot of my career has been built on non-roles that were specifically trans. This was the first time that I was in a capacity where I could build a character where it wasn't just somebody who was a guest spot on an episode. There was an arc that was happening for an entire season. So as the season started going on, I started noticing that there was no story involving her identity, that she was just simply there as this assistant…..She was really tough and she just existed, and as an actor, it was really amazing to be able to go to work every day and not have to add educating people on top of my job description. I could just go in as every other actor and be an actor, and focus on my craft and focus on my storytelling."

Sheth is an actress, singer, producer, director, writer, and transgender activist. Before her run on Jessica Jones, she was best known for her role as Carly in an acclaimed Public Theater production of Southern Comfort.

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