New Harry Potter-Themed Airbnb Has Rooms For Each House

While vacations may not be high on the priority list for some right now due to the coronavirus [...]

While vacations may not be high on the priority list for some right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, for Harry Potter fans looking to take a little time away they now may well have a new destination: a Harry Potter-themed Airbnb that's recently opened up in Orlando, Florida called Wizards Way that boasts a full eight rooms done up to represent elements of the world of the beloved Boy Who Lived.

According to Forbes, Wizards Way has room for 16 or more guests and is located in the Champion's Gate villa complex near Walt Disney World. There are four bedrooms dedicated to the four houses of Hogwarts -- Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff -- and if guests aren't sure exactly what house they belong in, the house has that covered. A Sorting Hat awaits guests when they enter the villa. In addition to the house-themed rooms, there are also bedrooms done in a Hogwarts Express theme, a Divination theme, and even a room themed after the Whomping Willow scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

harry potter airbnb
(Photo: Loma Homes/Airbnb)

Going beyond the bedrooms, the house features a Quidditch-themed game room, a home theater done to resemble the Forbidden Forest, and the dining room has a Great Hall-inspired dining table. Outside by the pool is a life-sized chess game and the house is offers details beyond room themes. The staircase, for example, has been decked out with full gallery walls of photos an art similar to that in Harry Potter. There's also a quest guests can participate in to find seven objects when they arrive.

And the Harry Potter-themed Wizards Way isn't the only themed Airbnb its creator, Loma Homes, has for fans, either. They also offer a Star Was style property called Twelve Parsecs in the same neighborhood. Both Wizards Way house and Twelve Parsecs are still booking, though availability is limited and both properties under go professional enhanced cleaning protocols due to COVID-19. As for Wizards Way house, while the property is fairly new it does have two positive reviews – one of which notes the house's close proximity to theme parks, something that the listing itself makes mention of boasting that it is only 15 minutes from Disney. You can check out Wizards Way for yourself here, though at the time of this article's writing the house's next availability was in September 2020.

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