Hong Kong Disneyland Reportedly Closing Again After New Coronavirus Outbreak

Hong Kong Disneyland was the second Disney park to reopen following the coronavirus-related shutdowns that faced each of the parks around the world. However, just one month after that reopening, Hong Kong Disneyland is reportedly shutting its doors a second time. A well-known Hong Kong Disneyland fan account on Twitter broke the news that the park would be closing again in the near future, due to a recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Hong Kong.

Walt Disney World News Today also reported the news that Hong Kong Disneyland, citing that same outbreak as the source of the decision to close the park down once again. On Monday morning, Hong Kong recorded 52 new cases of coronavirus, which has led to a fear that there may be a resurgence in the virus in the area. Closing Disneyland is one way to keep people from gathering, minimizing the overall chances of spreading COVID.

If that is the case, it really says something about the difference between operations in Hong Kong and Orlando, Florida, home of Walt Disney World. The state of Florida is recording thousands of new coronavirus cases every day, making it one of the hottest spots for the pandemic at the moment. Walt Disney World also just opened its gates to guests on Saturday in the middle of this recent surge. It only took 52 cases for Hong Kong Disneyland to shut down.

According to the initial report, there will be more details about Hong Kong Disneyland's closure coming in the near future. This could include the projected length of the closure, information about refunds, and other things. However, since Hong Kong Disneyland has yet to say anything official on the subject, we've got no way of knowing just yet.

Until Disney does make an official statement, it's all simply going to be speculation.

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