Hugh Jackman Shares One Of His Most Embarrassing Bloopers Ever

Hugh Jackman is ending 2020 by revealing one of his most embarrassing bloopers ever. The actor [...]

Hugh Jackman is ending 2020 by revealing one of his most embarrassing bloopers ever. The actor posted an outtake of himself doing some kind of hosting or interview segment, in which he stops and addresses the camera directly, saying: "I'm Hugh Jackman, by the way, in case you didn't know." Unfortunately for Jackman, his humble and affable nature makes the earnest statement sound that much more ridiculous - something the actor realizes as soon as he hears the words. It's a cute and awkward moment from a man most people probably assume is the epitome of suave, cool, and confident, at all times.

What makes the clip so great is that Hugh Jackman apparently is still truly humble enough to think there may be people out there who aren't bothered to know about who he is. This is after his pioneering success playing X-Men's Wolverine in one of the longest single character/franchise runs in cinema. After the numerous awards nominations and wins in the last decade, for work like Les Miserables and The Greatest Showman; his acclaimed TV work like Bad Education; his globe-traveling stage show based on Greatest Showman; all of those "Sexiest Man Alive" wins and magazine covers for going on 20 years now; the headline-making charity work; even Jackman's social media presence (and faux rivalry with pal Ryan Reynolds) is a part of the zeitgeist.

Hugh Jackman may in fact be the most popular and well-liked man in the world... in large part because he clearly never behaves like he is. Being able to have a laugh at is own awkwardness is just part of the charm.

As we reach 2021, Hugh Jackman has some big things planned for his movie career. He'll once again go deep into a mix of sci-fi and drama (see: The Fountain), joining Thandie Newton and Rebecca Ferguson in Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy's films, Reminiscence. Jackman will also get to give moviegoers the other side of the Ford vs. Ferrari story, as he plays Italian sports car designer and entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari in the Michael Mann biopic.

For now, there is no real plan (or hope) for Jackman to return for Marvel's rebooted X-Men franchise, as the actor has repeatedly made it clear that Logan was his last time as Wolverine. Of course, nothing stops the eternal hope of Marvel movie fans, and who knows? If anyone would one day agree to a show-stopping, fan-service cameo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would be Hugh Jackman.