Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Shares I Voted Photo

Aquaman star Jason Momoa is reminding fans to go out and vote today during the US presidential election, in the way that only he can. Momoa posted a selfie where he's rocking the "I voted" sticker on his (denim?) jacket lapel. The star simply captioned the photo with a "#votewithlove" hashtag, while also adding, "aloha." The photo says a lot without saying anything too strong at all. Case in point: Momoa is also rocking a bandanna as his protective face mask in the photo, which (again) says more than words need to. The fact that the bandanna also has a Flash-style lightning bolt on it will get DC movie fans buzzing, just for good measure.

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#votewithlove. aloha j

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Jason Momoa has tried to walk a careful line when it comes to where and when he uses his platform as a celebrity to speak out. Generally, Momoa tends to pick environmental causes is his main source of activism, while be more reserved on matters like politics - be they national, or within the studio system where he works.

However, 2020 has changed a lot things, for a lot of people. Like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jason Momoa found himself under increasing scrutiny and pressure from fans (especially DC movie fans) to speak up about certain matters. That includes the current political landscape, as well as the still-unfolding scandal within WB, regarding Justice League.

Now that the studio is re-investing to create Zack Snyder's full-fledged vision of Justice League, stories have come out about how the studio's decision to install Joss Whedon as Snyder's replacement on the theatrical version of the movie. One actor in the cast (Ray Fisher) spoke up publicly and has taken backlash; after initially staying out of it, Jason Momoa quickly jumped in to support Fisher with clear statements of support. While not speaking out publicly about political matters, Momoa has had a little fun with the 2020 election, popping-up in a recent SNL digital skit about election enthusiasm gone wrong.


Meanwhile, Momoa has been preparing for Aquaman 2 - thought he timing of when we could get the film is anyone's guess at this point. The sequel is set for December 16, 2022, but the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the grand plans that DC/WB unveiled at the DC Fandomem event back in summer. Story details are being kept secret, though Momoa had a heavy hand in shaping it.