Joey Chestnut Downs 28 Pounds of Poutine to Set New World Record

joey chestnut thumbs up
(Photo: Debra L Rothenberg/WireImage)

Joey Chesnut already has dozens of speed-eating world records under his belt and Saturday afternoon, he added another. At the 10th Annual World Poutine Eating Championship (WPEC) in Toronto, the competitive eater downed a whopping 28 pounds of the Canadian delicacy to set the world record; to add to the accomplishment, the contest only took place over a span of ten minutes. Chestnut previously set the poutine-eating world record in 2016 at the same contest. At that time, he ate 25.5 pounds of poutine in 10 minutes. He also won last year's contest with a meager 17.5 pounds of the gravy-filled treat.

Trailing Chestnut in the contest were Geoff Esper (27.25 pounds), Miki Sudo (24.625 pounds), Darron Breeden (22.5 pounds), and Max Suzuki (17.25 pounds). Chestnut is currently the top-ranked competitive eater in the world by Major League Eating while Esper is second, Breeden is fourth, Sudo is sixth, and Suzuki is seventh. The third-ranked Matt Stonie finished eighth Saturday with 15.375 pounds of poutine eaten.

For the past decade, the WPEC has been hosted by the Ajax-based Smoke's Poutinerie, a poutine-themed chain with over 150 locations worldwide. Though the Major Leauge Eating-sponsored contest featuring professional eaters is a staple of the event, the WPEC raises thousands for charity each year.

“When we launched this puppy back in 2009, it was all about the eating, and entertaining our fans in a totally unexpected way!” Smoke's Poutine CEO Ryan Smolkin said in a release.

“Now, even though we bring our own brand of entertainment to our fans, it’s truly all about the kids — about contributing over $250,000 so far to charity, that’s why we throw this ROCK N’ ROLL Stage Show!”


Just two events remain on the schedule for Major League Eating this year, both taking place on November 2nd. The H-E-B True Texas BBQ Challenge is taking place in Austin, TX while the Fortune Bay World Indian Taco Eating Championship will be hosted at the Fortune Bay Casino in Tower, MN. Between the two events, $10,000 in prize money is up for grabs. More information on those contests can be found here.

Photo by Debra L Rothenberg/WireImage