Jungle Cruise Sinking Video Paired With Titanic Song Is a Must Watch

Everyone in the PR department at Walt Disney World will be working overtime this weekend after one of the boats on the Jungle Cruise ride malfunctioned and sank in the middle of the ride, all while passengers were on board. The guests riding the attraction were able to escape safely, and Jungle Cruise has since been reopened, but in the age of the Internet this kind of public spectacle is the perfect recipe for making memes. And given the nature of the incident, it was only a batter of time before Celine Dion's biggest hit became involved.

One fan cut together footage of the Jungle Cruise boat sinking backed with "My Heart Will Go On" from the Titanic soundtrack, and there has never been a more fitting application of that meme. Take a look below:

Jungle Cruise is one of the oldest rides at Disney Parks and has been operational for many decades. It's also getting a movie adaptation starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson later this year. That said, the Jungle Cruise movie now has to pay the big bucks to license this song or else it's just a major missed opportunity.

A rep from Disney Parks told ComicBook.com that the incident occurred when the boat took on some water. Everyone made it out of the boat safely, and Disney Parks employees worked with the individual guests in an effort to help them enjoy their stay at the parks despite the incident.

Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney World has since reopened. You can read more about the incident right here.


We'll see if Disney requires major repairs to Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney World, but as of now the ride is operational.