Leinenkugel Introduces "Leiniehosen" With Pretzel-Warming Pockets for at Home Oktoberfest

While time may feel like it moves differently in 2020 thanks to the general state of the world, the seasons are changing right on schedule. That means fall is upon us and with it has come the return of football, all things pumpkin spice, and other cooler-weather favorites including Oktoberfest and other fall celebrations. While the COVID-19 pandemic has made most of those beloved fall seasonal events look quite a bit different this year, people are finding new and clever ways to celebrate including Leinenkugel's solution to celebrating Oktoberfest at home: the Leiniehosen.

leinenkugel lederhosen
(Photo: Leinenkugel)

Even with in-person Oktoberfest celebrations and other fall events being cancelled this year, Leinenkugel's comfy take on traditional German Lederhosen aims to get fans in the celebrating spirit while staying safe at home. The concept is pretty simple. The Leiniehosen is a two-piece fleece set designed to look like you're wearing Lederhosen, just more comfortably. And the German-inspired loungewear isn't just for looks. The ensemble features a cold pocket for you to stash your beverage and a warming pocket for your pretzels -- though we're pretty sure you can put any snack in there. It’s a novel way to enjoy your beverages and snacks, letting people stay safe and at home. The limited-edition outfit is available on its own official site (you can check it out here) and costs $75, available while supplies last.

German-inspired loungewear for enjoying fall celebrations at home not quite your thing? The beer brand has fans (ages 21 and over) covered. They're offering a free, 6-pack of Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest, but there is one catch. Fans so have to listen to a full minute of traditional polka music in order to unlock the deal, but polka music is pretty upbeat so you might just find yourself having a bit of fun with it. It's also worth noting that the offer is only good in select states that allow for the giveaway of free beer while residents of some states will be eligible for a 50-percent off deal -- more information is available on the website so that you can verify the rules as they pertain to your specific state.

So, what do you think? Will you be checking out the "Leiniehosen"? For those who got one of the Hunger Harnesses from Reynolds Wrap for the Super Bowl earlier this year, do you think Leiniehosen makes for a perfect addition to the ultimate snacking situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.