Someone Made a Tesla Cybertruck out of Mashed Potatoes

Side dishes are a major part of the traditional Thanksgiving feast and one of the nearly-universally loved sides are mashed potatoes, but for one family the tasty dish isn't just for eating. For several years one family has added a bit of art to their holiday meal with on member making mashed potato sculptures and this year, Greg Milano decided to go high tech and hot topic by turning the tasty tubers into the Cybertruck, the first electric pickup truck unveiled by Elon Musk's Tesla last week. The mashed potato creation even captured many of the real vehicle's details -- including the infamously smashed windows.

Over on Twitter, Now This News' Dan Milano shared a thread to his Twitter account on Thanksgiving of his brother Greg carefully carving the Cybertruck out of mashed potatoes. The initial tweet notes that his brother had already been working on the project for an hour. By the time the process was over, Greg had even carved out the truck's back ramp and "smashed" the side windows so that they would be accurate to the truck's unveiling. That detail is of particular interest as the Cybertruck's windows were supposed to be shatterproof but turned out not to be -- something Musk attributed to doing things a bit out of order in his presentation.

You can check out the mashed potato take on the Cybertruck below.

As you can see, this wasn't just a case of playing with one's food. Milano notes in that his brother ultimately doused the truck in gravy and "ate every bite". He also indicated that this kind of side dish sculptural art isn't new for their family holiday gathering. Apparently, Greg sculpts something out of mashed potatoes every year with previous years' creations including Stonehenge and a LEGO figure head.


Musk unveiled the Cybertruck during a special reveal event the Thursday prior to Thanksgiving. In the event, the CEO of Tesla brought the angular, futuristic-looking truck on stage to show off its features, features which included the so-called shatterproof windows, a "nearly impenetrable exoskeleton", and depending on upgrades chosen, self-driving features as well. The Cybertruck won't release until 2021, but pre-orders are open and those interested can reserve theirs for $100 and according to Musk, many people already have. There have reportedly been more than 200,000 pre-orders for the Cybertruck so far.

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