MoonPie Rips Apart Mr. Peanut's Death With Hilarious "Definitely Alive" Press Release

Planters turned the Internet on its head earlier this week when it launched its new Super Bowl ad campaign announcing the death of its iconic mascot, Mr. Peanut. The animated, monocle-wearing peanut sacrificed his life to save actors Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes, falling off a cliff into an exploding car. The ad is just as ridiculous as it sounds. Perhaps even more ridiculous, though, is the seriousness with which Planters treated the "death" of its brand mascot. The company sent out press releases announcing the death of Mr. Peanut, treating it with complete and total sincerity. Some other brands tried to jump on the trend by posting their condolences on Twitter. The MoonPie brand had a much different response, throwing all kinds of shade on Planters with a hilarious press release of its own.

The ever-active MoonPie Twitter account shared a full statement on Thursday night, saying that it is still definitely alive, unlike some other brands out there.

"In lieu of the recent deaths of brands and/or brand mascots (for marketing reasons) we are happy to report that the MoonPie brand is still alive and well," reads the statement. "In addition to not being deceased, MoonPie (the brand) also holds a clean bill of health. Despite being 102 years old, Doctors and other people agree that MoonPie has the vitality and mental fortitude of brand at least half its age."

The statement then goes on to say that the "real doctors" and other people that are "probably professionals" have conducted several ground-breaking tests on MoonPie's health, listing all sorts of ridiculous things like "This or That" and "Chocolate Rorschach."

As the statement goes on, MoonPie continues to pour on the shade, and things only get funnier. Every time the statement starts to get professional, MoonPie pivots back to making the point that it is most definitely still alive.

"Furthermore, MoonPie's physical strength and stamina are remarkable. It's probably strong enough to beat your dad in an arm wrestling contest lol really just want to stress again the whole brand being alive thing.

"Lastly, over the past six months, MoonPie (the brand) has also lost 25 pounds. We are not sure how this happened or why it matters.


"In conclusion, 100+ years of being a company has been very good to the MoonPie brand and also it is still alive."

Planters may have gotten the attention it wanted from the death of Mr. Peanut, but MoonPie wins the battle of the brands with this pitch-perfect comeback. You truly love to see it.